"Business Transition 360 is in the business of helping corporate clients stay productive during real estate and relocation related business events. It is our sole purpose to provide professional, efficient, sustainable and safe solutions for clients in need of business furniture, relocation and asset decommission services".

Business Transition360 offers every conceivable line of business furniture new and used. We recondition, re-fabric and re-purpose these outstanding and cost effective solutions every day.


Project Management is not new. The pyramids and aqueducts of antiquity certainly required the coordination and planning skills of a project manager.


BusinessTransition360 re-purposes thousands of furniture inventories each year by providing professional expertise and technical support to efficiently, safely and professionally clean out client spaces when they are moving on.


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could find financial resources as flexible as your business growth? We thought so, too. That’s why Business Transition 360 has partnered with GSG Capital in order to provide our clients with unique financing packages. We know you want more for your office environment, and now that we offer 100% financing options, no project is unattainable.

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Whether or not you choose Business Transition 360 as your partner for your business transition and or relocation needs, please contact us to learn more about our team who will show up to ensure the items you would otherwise discard are "repurposed" to those in need.

It's simple, the BT360 Repurpose van will show up at a designated time to pick up the items that can be donated and provide a receipt for the donation then do the following.

1. If there is a certain school you would like to benefit, simply tell us.
2. If there is a certain family who you would like to benefit, simply tell us.
3. If there are items that can be resold, BT360 will make every attempt to resell then donate a percentage of the resale dollars to a school for meal monies for those children who are in need.
4. If Business Transition360 is part of your business transition project for furniture, relocation and or decommission, BT360 will donate 5% of our net profit for the project spend to the BT360 annual school partner for needed items within the school.
5. If you decide on new or used furniture furniture for your offices, BusinessTransition360 will provide our school partner with a donation of $500 in cash for every $50,000 spent by your organization.

"Lets make a difference one day at a time, one project at a time-Thank you for your consideration"

In recent years, we have seen several clients experience safety and security breaches, insurance claims and costly challenges when directly contracting with the business transition and relocation contractor sources. Even when we manage the entire business transition event, there are obviously risks and a myriad of vetting and qualifying tasks to be completed to ensure our clients are not at risk in any way during the project management process. In some markets we actually have liquidators, movers and installers who arrive to quote projects yet can't produce insurance requirements, business licenses, safety procedures or a verifiable physical address for their businesses. Undocumented employees and contractors, unqualified personnel, uninsured contractors and employees, and an extremely competitive labor market can add to the challenges to insure needed resources are available for business transition, decommission and furniture projects.

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