Back to School … Back to Work

  • Back to School … Back to Work

    Back to School … Back to Work

    Is your office space appealing to the generations entering the workforce? Millennials and Generation Z workers are transitioning from college to full-time jobs, and their office space standards have already been set. Take advantage of these suggested features to set your office space apart from the competition!

    Whether we were ready for this or not, the day has finally come when the new up-and-coming workforce almost completely consists of Millennials and Gen Z. That’s right, workers from two of the most negatively stereotyped generations are being hired at companies just like yours. Let us explain why this might not be such a bad thing considering that most of these unmentioned stereotypes are extremely common misconceptions about these generations. Contrary to popular belief, research by Asha Gani in her article, Millennials at Work, shows that these two generations are actually well balanced, loyal, practical, stability seeking individuals that aren’t necessarily ‘glued to their phones’ 24/7. The smartest move a business owner can make is to optimize his or her office space for soon-to-be employees. BT360 is here to help you started! Here are ten workspace features that will help your company create the right work environment for Millennials and Gen Z.


    While a handful of these tips only require a trip to the grocery store or an update in technology, many of them also revolve around the actual design of your office space. Office space design might not be your specialty, but it certainly is ours! Give BT360 a call today to set up a consult to bring your office space up to par for the oncoming workforce and allow for increased productivity and return on investment.

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