Brand Spotlight: ISE

  • Brand Spotlight: ISE

    Brand Spotlight: ISE

    Cutting edge innovation. These are the words that come to mind when we describe our partner ISE. They’ve been in the furniture industry longer than we have, and for good reason. ISE is one of the leaders when it comes to furniture technology and ergonomic design. It’s no wonder we feel so comfortable recommending their products to our clients!

    Some of our favorite products offered by ISE include the RISE line. These desks break the ordinary work routine by being height adjustable. According to research, there are plenty of health benefits of increasing the amount of time you spend standing throughout the work day. With ISE’s RISE benches, your office will be happier and healthier! The newest addition, RISE Life, includes a smartphone app that can collect all sorts of data that can be analyzed in order to help your office become more efficient and productive. Check out this video that shows off how RISE Life works!



    When our clients need furniture that offers the most comfort, while still showcasing a beautiful and elegant design, we recommend ISE without hesitation. This manufacturer exemplifies what it means to care about your customers, and the BT360 team is proud to pass that on to our clients. It feels great knowing we are sharing the industry with a company like ISE who cares about how we all work and learn.

    Do you think your office could use a little more innovation? Contact our team and discover how we can help you plan the office your company needs, without sacrificing your budget. When it comes to ergonomics, it’s more than looks that matters. It’s about functioning at your top level and offering your employees healthy working environments. Don’t hesitate to get started today!

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