Brand Spotlight: Logiflex

  • Brand Spotlight: Logiflex

    Brand Spotlight: Logiflex

    One of the most innovative furniture manufacturers we work with is Logiflex. Based of out Canada, this company produces high-quality modular furniture systems, making for adaptable product lines that can shift based on your company’s needs. Logiflex has experience serving commercial and residential spaces, including board rooms, conference rooms, reception areas, and lounge areas. The flexible designs allow for multi-purpose options that can transform as your office’s needs do. It’s no wonder why we’re super fans of the sleek and modern options.


    There is no lack of variety when it comes to Logiflex’s product lines. With over 20 different collections, we can work with you to find the perfect style for your business and its multiple types of space. You can browse all of the available products on the Logiflex website. Our favorite collection is “Level” for its open space and sleek functionality. Check out a video of the “Level” line below and see for yourself!





    We love working with Logiflex for so many reasons, but most importantly, for its environmental responsibility. It’s important for us in any project to minimize the environmental impact we have, and when we partner with Logiflex, we know that responsibility begins with the manufacturer and suppliers. We trust in Logiflex’s environmental policy and are proud to pass that on to our clients in return.



    If you feel that Logiflex is the office furniture solution you’ve been searching for, contact our team today to learn how you can benefit from our partnership with Logiflex and cut costs on your next office transition project. With these stunning and chic design options from Logiflex, your office will quickly become your new favorite place.


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