A New Business Dialogue

  • A New Business Dialogue

    A New Business Dialogue

    One of the most rewarding feelings in life is the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving success. At Business Transition 360, we’ve been fortunate enough to experience this feeling every time we carry out a project for a client. As a small business founded by Cassie and Tim McCormack, we knew we would need plenty of faith and ambition to establish ourselves in the multi-billion dollar moving services industry. Business Transition 360 utilizes a trusted advisor platform that allows us to serve clients who need expertise in furniture, space planning, and relocation management. Our efforts often reach far beyond the scope of our client and we feel immeasurably grateful that we are able to give back to the community that fostered our business. As our endeavors continue to expand, we felt it was time for Business Transition 360 to create a new outlet in which to share our insights and impact.


    This outlet manifested in the form of a blog we named “Furnished Impact” in order to convey our action-oriented and positivity-focused business model. The topics we plan to share span multiple areas of our company including our growth, partnerships, project services, and community involvement. In addition, we are eager to contribute to our industry by providing content that will facilitate creativity and discussion on topics such as corporate culture, productivity, office design and environmental efforts.


    All of these interests have bridged together since our company began five years ago at the hands of Tim and Cassie McCormack. Business Transition 360 was born from a deep dedication to serve clients at an extraordinary level. We believe in our promises and stand by our word. When we founded our company, we did so with three principles in mind.



    We have a lot to say when it comes to our business, which is a result of our passion for helping others in any situation we are able to. It excites us that we now have more ways to accomplish this, including new social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow our pages to stay connected to Business Transition 360 as well as our new blog. We thank you for taking this new leap with us. Let’s get moving!

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