Introducing: The Office Angels Program 

  • Introducing: The Office Angels Program 

    Introducing: The Office Angels Program 

    Since our company began, we have continued to set our sights higher and push ourselves to help as many people as we can. Our resources have grown and our capacity for assisting others is greater than ever before. One of the greatest gifts we are blessed with is our access to office supplies, furniture, technology and infrastructure assets owned by our clients. When we manage business transition projects, we look for assets that have potential for a second life. Our experiences and relationships with great organizations like Habitat for Humanity and MUST Ministries allow us to repurpose many assets and donations for those in need.


    This vision of ours to put generosity in the forefront of our business model is taking shape, and because of that we are very excited to announce our Office Angels Program, a new model that focuses on managing our donations and repurposing projects.


    With any project the BT360 team takes on, we will be implementing a new inventorying system that will account for each asset that has potential to help others, rather than letting these items be thrown out. The idea behind this program is to repurpose as much as possible in order to give back to those in need, and our team will act as guardian angels to business assets whose worth may have been overlooked, give them a new home, and touch the lives of others.


    Other advantages of the Office Angels Program include:

    1. Donations for needs, causes and those in need.

    2. Access to our asset itemizer technology, which catalogs and evaluates your entire asset inventory.

    3. Access to the BT360 used and reconditioned furniture inventories.

    4. Documented exit strategy to reduce cost for exiting your space.

    5. Access to our ergonomic evaluation, ensuring your employees are not at risk while working.

    6. Option to sell your used assets and earn credit on new furniture purchases from BT360.




    Our team has plenty of experience with donation management and we know the market well. You can trust BT360 to manage your project and ensure that the potential for your assets is maximized. Our Office Angels Program is a free service that is included with all of our projects. Simply call us to schedule a time for us to come and evaluate your assets today! Help us serve those in need, and help your business reduce the cost for your next transition project.

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