Investments Worth Making

  • Investments Worth Making

    Investments Worth Making

    Your business needs are unique and ever-changing. How invested are you in making sure these needs are met? There are countless factors that can affect the size of a business, and sometimes you may feel financially unprepared for inevitable change. We know this because we work with businesses in all types of industries with a ranging number of employees. We’ve helped clients with expansions, consolidations, decommissions, and acquisitions. The bottom line is that in order for your employees to perform their best, you need to provide them with the right tools, which begins with the right workspace. The question most office managers find themselves asking is “Can we do it within budget?”


    352260-Essex_Capital_GroupOften the budget set for business transition projects is a tight one, leaving little room for anything more than the bare minimum. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find financial resources as flexible as your business growth? We thought so, too. That’s why Business Transition 360 has partnered with Essex Capital Group in order to provide our clients with flexible and unique financing packages. These packages allow your business to invest in itself and its employees by providing working capital for your project.


    We know you want more for your office environment, and now that Business Transition 360 can offer up to 100% financing options, no project is unattainable. If you thought you couldn’t afford to create a modern work environment that will retain employees, our financial packages from Essex Capital Group are the answer. Make the investment in your team and your office and you will begin the transition into the modern age of business environments. By reconstructing your environment, you will revitalize your employees and build a company culture that will attract the young and growing workforce to your business.

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    Imagine the modern work environment that your business deserves.


    If your cash flow is a challenge, talk with our team today. For over thirty years, we have proven to be the most understanding and efficient business project management company. Combine our refurbished inventory, unmatched manufacturer pricing and customized financing packages and you will discover the most optimal business transition project at the lowest cost. Take the time to invest in your project today, the outcome you envision is more attainable than you think.

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