Lessons Learned, Value Added

  • Lessons Learned, Value Added

    Lessons Learned, Value Added

    We are in the service industry for a reason; our team genuinely enjoys helping others move forward in their endeavors. Business Transition 360 is more than a project management company. We are a team of dedicated problem solvers. Our compassion and integrity to see projects through is a value not illustrated in testimonials or photographs. It is simply a value added component of what we do.

    Recently, our team was managing a project for a client in Oakland, California. Part of our process includes on-site walkthroughs, especially during the final stages of the project. When Cassie McCormack, President of BT360, arrived onsite to oversee the tasks left to be completed on the punch list, she did not find what she expected.  The manufacturer failed to deliver critical parts and pieces for completing the Oakland project, leaving the BT360 team and our client in a lurch.

    Without pause, our team members Cassie and Christine began responding to the many challenges and adversities that arose from the situation. The project had a construction punch list of over 500 items, and with a dedicated team mentality, BT360 stayed on site for ten days in order to resource all the needed components. Our efforts resulted in a fantastic outcome of less than 15 items on the punch list! We don’t take work that we cannot deliver at the highest level and we are equally selective about the clients we partner with. When we commit to projects for our clients we finish whether we make money or not.

    Each project teaches us new lessons, new solutions and new ways we can deliver for our clients. Our team has a different way of thinking. We enjoy serving our clients, and our approach to responding to crisis and rising to challenges demonstrate the utmost important intangible asset our business offers: TRUST.

    You can trust our team to manage your project, respond to issues, and offer solutions that work for your needs. All of these aspects of our business model add value to your results without you needing to ask. Get our team in the loop on your next business transition project and have peace of mind the whole way.

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