Moving? Merger? Acquisition?

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Relocation is an event most businesses and business leaders experience once every 5-7 years. While many of our clients initially think moving and relocation are the same thing, this is simply not true. Business relocation involves more than 200 critical tasks associated with shutting down one office and starting up at a new location. Moving the boxes, furniture and technology is clearly critical, yet without a comprehensive plan for the transfer of your employees and your business operation and its continued functionality, a business can be at risks to lose thousands and even millions of dollars during such an event.

Nearly 30 years in the relocation and furniture business provides us with the experience to provide a near perfect template for helping clients vacate one space and arrive at another. It is estimated that nearly 40% of all relocations fail due to poor leadership, poor management, under budgeting, rent overruns due to improper lease termination, safety and security breaches or just poor selection of vendors to execute the 200 plus tasks required. Business Transition 360 can help with:

    • Timeline Planning and Budgeting
    • Technology disconnects, reconnects and decommissioning
    • Furniture space planning
    • Furniture selection
    • Space decommissioning
    • Furniture Moving
    • Reducing Items and Paper to be packed and moved
    • Selling depreciated assets and technology
    • Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture
    • Reconditioning Furniture
    • Certified Pre Owned or Refurbished solutions
    • Space Utilization Studies
    • Ergonomic Safety Consult for New Environment
    • Liquidation Programming
    • Vendor Vetting Process-Safety, Security and Financial Protection
    • Logistics and Building Management Communication and Coordination


Business Transition 360 routinely saves clients 20-30% on the overall spend for relocation planning, management and execution; why put your business and client relationships at risk? Can you place a value on those relationships and the daily operation of your business? Call or email us at for a free one hour consultation to learn more.

Our Success

BusinessTransition360's leadership team has relocated and provided furniture for thousands of businesses locally and nationally. These projects include clients like ATT-1200 employees, Edward Jones-Facility Services-1000's of employees, Numerex-75 employees, Bryan Cave-350 employees, Hewlett Packard-350 employees, Jacobs Engineering-500 employees, Briggs Equipment-80 employees and parts warehouse, SPPPumps-75 Employees, GE Energy-50 employees and many more. Managing a business relocation can be a full time job. Corenet, IFMA, BOMA report 35% of managers struggle with managing a successful relocation event, either overspending or losing valuable productivity and efficiency during the move. Our relocation project management can save you money and ensure that your move is managed professionally and without incident.

Business Transition 360 implements a very specific vetting and qualification process for partnering with our contract partners and suppliers; who must comply with the following contractor standards for safety, security and delivering service at the highest level to our clients-

1. OSHA Compliant Business Practices
2. Comprehensive Background Checks
3. Significant Insurance requirements for employees, property, contractors and client premises
4. Must provide a white shirted project leader on every phase of project with a cell phone
5. Teams must have an English speaking leader who can read and write
6. Movers must specialize or complete at least 10 commercial move projects monthly
7. Movers must verify proper equipment for moving office contents and furnishings
8. Movers and Installers must wear steel toed shoes and in some instances protective goggles
9. Mover must have a business delay or fail to comply policy in the event they over book
10. Mover must have an emergency contact with a cell phone and an escalation process should there be an issue after hours on the project site.
11. Movers must provide a firm price quote once all logistical requirements are provided by client and or BT360
12. Movers must adhere to the BT360 move management formula for a per employee move cost, whether moving only crates and electronics or an entire furniture inventory.

Our Advantage

Consider the Average Client's Spending for Relocating and Furnishing a 40-seat office environment versus the BT360 Single Source Solution:

ActivityAverage CostBT360 Cost
Space Plan and Design$7,000$5000
Planning for You$5,000$1,000
Furniture Decommission$8,000$2,000

 *Prices may vary depending on the needs of a client (whether their furniture is being moved or repurposed.) On average BT360 will reduce Transition and Business Change cost by 30-40%. Contact us for more information on how we can help with your next business transition event.