Business Change? Lease Termination?

Business Transition 360 repurposes thousands of furniture inventories each year by providing professional expertise and technical support to efficiently, safely and professionally assist clients in transition. Repurposing provides numerous benefits both to the environment and our clients. Clients purchasing from our repurposed inventory can receive 60-70% off retail pricing in some cases.

Our Process

BusinessTransition360 carefully dismantles, removes and repurposes these inventories to clients who see the value of furniture with considerable life left on it. New dealers typically stay away from this solution due to exclusive relationships with the major manufacturers, and new dealerships seek to sell you only new furniture in the line they represent. BT360 provides solutions to bring you great value and any system you desire for far less! BT360 provides one of the industry's most organized processes for managing a client’s entire business transition event by using depreciated assets for the benefit of your entire relocation program. Call us first to see how you can benefit using your current furniture system to fund a percentage of your relocation event.

Before and After