Caution! Relocation Risks.

Recognize the Risks

In recent years, we have seen several clients experience safety and security breaches, insurance claims and costly challenges when directly contracting with the business transition and relocation contractor sources. Even when we manage the entire business transition event, there are obviously risks and a myriad of vetting and qualifying tasks to be completed to ensure our clients are not at risk in any way during the project management process. In some markets we actually have liquidators, movers and installers who arrive to quote projects yet can't produce insurance requirements, business licenses, safety procedures or a verifiable physical address for their businesses. Undocumented employees and contractors, unqualified personnel, uninsured contractors and employees, and an extremely competitive labor market can add to the challenges to insure needed resources are available for business transition, decommission and furniture projects.

The BusinessTransition360 team has 100 collective years of experience vetting and recruiting staff, contractors and employees. Throughout our careers we have successfully managed the installation, liquidation and transportation of new or certified pre-owned furniture as well as the installation of electrical and voice and data cabling. We can be a great resource and benefit for your organization when transitioning your business! Our vetting and qualification diligence is extensive, proven and can save your company millions of dollars in time and potential security and safety breaches: why risk it?

BT360 Advantage

We look for partners who adhere to the following processes, quality standards and safety procedures:

1. Responsiveness and Communication

2. Culture and Approach to their employees and contractors (profit sharing and claims or disability incentives)

3. Their List of Clients- Do they Understand the Scope of Work documents?

4. Do they Have a sustainability Program (hybrid vehicles, recycle, repurpose)

5. Are they OSHA certified? Do they manage  a low workmans compensation ratio?

6. What are their insurance limits?

7. If a liquidator, do they actually buy furniture or simply broker it? What do they do with it?

8. If a furniture company, do they repurpose? Offer new? Offer Pre-Owned?

9. E-Verifications for all employees and contractors?

10. Is there a single point of contact for project work?

11. Do they have a warehouse for receiving, reconditioning furniture, shipping and receiving and storage?

12. Do they regularly serve business clients, handle new and used furniture?

13. If a Voice and Data company, what level of expertise do they have with cabling and repurposing or recycling cable and data wiring?

14.When Space Planning, do they have employees who can read and interpret space plans?

15. With furniture repurposing, what warranties apply whether used, recycled or new?

Consider a partner who places the highest priority on your business transition and furniture projects.