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is a Fortune 1000 client was in need of a single source solution to assist with national space leasing transition and change events. Business Transition 360 is a Master Service Provider assisting in business relocation services, moving employees, marketing and liquidating depreciated furniture assets, furniture inventory management, space planning and providing new and used furniture solutions. BT360 assists in managing projects effecting hundreds of employees each month, to ensure client offices and operations stay productive, efficient and safe during the lease and relocation process.

The unique difference between the BT360 solution and a traditional liquidator is the professional management process for "repurposing the assets" , which includes supplier vetting, safety classes, safety and security communication and during the process and partners who understand what a comprehensive decommission and broom sweep looks surprises, professional skilled labor, with a single source manager and firm price quote and budget.

is a Global Facility Services Company who helps clients like Barclay’s, Sony, Hewlett Packard and others with furniture services, facility services, asset management, liquidation and furniture repurposing. As a highly vetted partner, Business Transition 360 specializes in providing furniture liquidation and furniture repurposing programs. These national programs include space planning, furniture decommissioning, new and used furniture, installation services and corporate relocation services. BT360 has helped save ISS/HP as much as $5 million dollars last year during a 6,000 workstation decommission furniture repurposing project.

looked to Business Transition 360 to manage a 300-employee relocation, furniture removal and decommission project. BT360 was contracted to manage the entire business transition event for 30% less than all other vendors proposing a solution. BT360 successfully relocated 300 employees, removed 400 workstations, recycled and repurposed assets and broom swept the space on time and on budget.

is a national forklift sales and service company that transitioned from an outdated warehouse and regional office location. Business Transition 360 assisted with space planning, liquidating depreciated business assets, providing new and certified pre-owned furniture solutions and relocating the 75-person office facility. BT360 and partners saved the client 40% on its furniture, liquidation and relocation expenses, compared to other new furniture suppliers proposing solutions. Client said the BT360 team was exceptional and provided the solution well below the quotes two major furniture dealers provided. The client saved $100,000 on the project investment.

is a service company specializing in software solutions for the securities and real estate industry. BusinesTransition360 managed the relocation and furniture needs for their 75 employee corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia. Numerex entertained solutions from three other furniture dealerships, yet chose BT360 based on their professional solutions and ability to provide a single source solution for new and used furniture, decommission and broom sweep services, low voltage cabling and furniture installation. BT360 and their furniture partner were 40% below all other proposals, providing similar new furniture solutions and certified pre-owned furniture specific to the client’s needs and culture.

This client is in the financial services industry and required private work environments for their producers. This was an expansion project where client only had $25,000 to spend on a 30-seat office, relocation, decommission and broom sweep of the existing office space. The BusinessTransition360 team developed a project management plan, space plan and furniture solution for $25,000 or essentially $834 per seat, well below the national average of $3500 per seat. Employees and client benefitted using the work environment as a recruitment tool and ensuring each employee received an ergonomic chair as shown.

This client builds industrial pumps for fire, safety and water treatment facilities. They turned to BusinessTransition360 during their company’s consolidation from two companies into one building and space fitting 80 employees. They asked the BusinessTransition360 team to design a professional and functional space plan and manage the entire warehousing and distribution relocation. The pictures reflect the beautiful Steelcase Montage which was resourced for the client for $1000 per seat or station. These stations routinely sell for $5000 new. Client was ecstatic with the overall solution spending 30% less with the BT360 team for furniture, relocation and repurposing of the old business assets.

is a highly sophisticated Fortune 500 operation with very specific operating hours and very specific requirements for accessing their buildings and facilities. BusinessTransition360’s team project managed a 50-employee new furniture installation, customized and built industrial-grade packaging tables for their distribution center and removed and repurposed all depreciated business assets per the clients directive. Client awarded the contract based on overall professionalism, responsiveness and price. Client now uses BT360 and their sister company as a master services provider for project and furniture work.