What Green Means to Us

  • What Green Means to Us

    What Green Means to Us

    Green might just be our favorite color, and we have so many reasons to be a fan! At BT360, it’s important to us to be conscious of the environment. So important that we incorporated it into our business model. We recognize that we share this planet together, including future generations of humans, plants and animals.


    To us, being “green” means more than recycling and picking up after ourselves. It’s a mentality that we harness with every project we manage. We take each part of the process into consideration, and are proud to pass on our sustainable practices to our clients! Here are a few ways our team keeps the planet in mind while we do what we do best:


    1. Manufacturers

      We begin by working with furniture manufacturers such as RSI and Logiflex who are as caring as we are when it comes to their processes. RSI’s Echo line is made with an average of 70% recycled content! And Logiflex is focused on clean production processes that reduce any environmental impact.

    2. Office Angels Program

      This year, Business Transition 360 launched the Office Angels Program. We’ve already helped many of our clients donate their unwanted assets to places in need. Our team is passionate about finding new purposes for assets that would have gone to waste. If you’re interested in doing some spring cleaning, contact our team and we’ll help you declutter while impacting the planet in a positive way!

    3. Refurbished Furniture

      A large number of our clients take advantage of our Certified Refurbished furniture inventory. Business Transition 360 will help you manage your depreciated assets by crediting you towards your transition project. We then refurbish these furniture systems and add them to our inventory for future clients. So often systems that have plenty of life left in them are thrown out. We turn the potential landfill impact into new opportunities for businesses in need of alternative options.

    We don’t like seeing potential go to waste, and neither should you! No matter what your needs are, our team can ensure your next business transition project leaves the least amount of waste possible. By working with Business Transition 360, you’re working towards a more sustainable planet for all of us.

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